EPC Reference Material

Energy legislation how does it effect me or my business

The EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) applies to both commercial and residential property, but in different ways. We have listed common questions about the energy legislation and regulations below.

MAC is dedicated to providing energy performance certificates through a nationwide network of accredited assessors.

From 1st October 2008

On completion of construction, lease or sale all UK Commercial/ Domestic properties will require an EPC.

What is an EPC?

From April 2009 this year, landlords and property owners throughout England and Wales are required to provide EPCs (Energy Performance Certificates) to all prospective purchasers or tenants when they lease, build or sell a commercial property. EPCs are required even at the construction stage. EPCs are a visual representation (on a scale of A-G) of how energy efficient a property is and provide vital information to property owners and tenants about energy use in the buildings they own and use.

Who needs an Energy Performance Certificate?

As from 1stOctober all commercial buildings over 50m² that are internally conditioned whether by heat or cooling that are for sale or let will need to be assessed by a qualified commercial energy assessor and given an EPC. The EPC created will rate the buildings efficiency on a scale from A to G and will give recommendations showing how the rating could be reduced through recommended improvements. These improvements will assist in reducing overall business costs and in the wider context reduce the CO² emissions creating a better environment. EPCs need to be available to all potential tenants and buyers who enquire about the property. The certificate must also be prepared prior to marketing.

Commercial EPC not obtained ?

Failure to comply with government legislation can result in fines which are to be calculated at 12.5% of the rateable value of the building up to a maximum of £5000.

How to gain the required EPC for a commercial property?

Contact MAC and we will provide you with an extremely competitive quote from a fully qualified commercial energy assessor. We can complete the survey and assessment within 24 hours of gaining access to the property.